Adoption Plans

Do you want to support and care for animal without the full responsibility of ownership? 

Adoption Process

Here’s a summary of how the adoption process works

Everything you need to know

A.Choose the animal you wish to sponsor from the available options.

B.Contact us to let us know your interest in sponsoring the selected animal.

C. Complete the necessary paperwork and agreements.

D. Make the monthly payment for the animal you have chosen.

A.Financing the purchase of food for the animal.

B.Covering the cost of ongoing treatments required for the animal’s health.

C.Covering any necessary medical treatments for the animal.

As an adopter, you can expect the following:

A.Monthly photos and videos of your adopted animal will be sent to you, allowing you to stay updated on their well-being.

B.Your animal will send you a birthday card, creating a personal connection.

C.You can schedule appointments to visit the farm and spend time with your adopted animal.

D.Opportunities to volunteer on the farm may be available for you to get involved directly.

E.Regular reports on the animal’s progress and overall condition will be provided.

The monthly costs to adopt an animal are as follows:

  • Horse: €45
  • Pig: €15
  • Large goat: €15
  • Dwarf goat: €10
  • Sheep: €10
  • Chicken: €3
  • Rabbit: €5

Please note that the costs mentioned above cover the necessary expenses associated with the well-being and care of the adopted animals. By adopting an animal, individuals can contribute to their welfare while enjoying the benefits of a meaningful connection with the animals they support.

You won't believe it!
We're for adoption

Bambam was born in 2014 and arrived at our farm in Sept 2018.
Bambam has a round and chubby belly and she is always calm and happy.
Pink's birth date is 2016. He is an Indonesian mini pig. Pink really enjoys getting scratched behind his ear.
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A farm cat, is responsible for keeping mice out of the animals' food store, and he does a great job! Schori was born in July 2023.
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Fynn was born in 1999 and came to us at the age of 20 four years ago. A calm horse who enjoys playing with the other horses on the farm.
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Black Chicken
Black and beautiful old chicken. No one knows the age of her. She was belongs to an old man that could not take care of her anymore.
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White Chicken
She was born in 2021 and at the age of two, when she stopped laying an egg every day and only 2-3 a week, they replaced her with a young chicken and advertised her for sale for chicken soup.
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White lamb
White lamb Born in 2019 and was a stud sheep in a flock of sheep. They replaced him with a young lamb and searched for a good house for him so that he did not end up in the meat market.
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Mini goat
Simone is a miniature goat. On May 2022, Simon arrived at the farm. Simon's age is 12 years old, which is a very old age for goats. They were searching for a new home for her because their old owner died.
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Wonder the sheep
Wonder is 90% blind. Wonder was born in 2018 and came to us when she was one year old. As a result of a serious eye disease, one eye had to be removed. The remaining eye is also not in good.
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