About Us

Welcome to 'Habait'

At Stichting Habait, we are on a mission to rescue and provide a loving home for old farm animals that we saved from going to the slaughter and old animals that need a new home because no one wants them. Our motto is simple: “we cant change the whole world, but we can change the world of one living creature at a time.”

Through our initiatives, we make a difference in the lives of these animals. We have established a farm where we offer shelter and care to over 200 rescued animals, giving them a chance to live out their days in safety. Our virtual adoption program creates connections between adopters and animals and this connection develops compassion.

We also organize farm activities for children, allowing them to learn about the farm animals and cultivate compassion for them, and inclusive activities for people with special needs.

Our future goal is to save more lives by expanding our reach. With your support, we can continue to sow seeds of compassion and create a brighter future for these animals in need.

Join us at Stichting Habait as we rescue, love, and transform the lives of old farm animals. Together, we can make a change for a world where every living being is cherished and protected.


Our Humans

Raizy Dagani

Compassion in action, for animals as well as for humans, is what I believe and try to live by.

Tete Dagani

I am 65 years old. My childhood is filled with memories of taking care of the homeless animals I found around the village where I was born. I feel fortunate and very grateful to be able to help old farm animals.

Raz Gur

“Of all the special things we choose to do for our planet, let one of them to be of service to animals” - Paul Oxton

Sol Gur

I love our animals so much! my favorite animals on our farm is the chickens, I love hugging them.

Tzuf Gur

Since I remember myself, I loved animals. they have a special place in my heart! My dream has come true with our farm

Helen van Lohuizen - Pouwer

I'm Heleen, I live in Emst with my husband Patrick and our son Gijs. I am a veterinarian, in my spare time I love to take care for these animals in this meaningful and beautiful place!